Privacy-oriented Email Providers

There have been countless privacy scandals over the past few years involving large email providers. I have been taking back control over my data, and decided to ditch Gmail in favor of a privacy-oriented email provider

I always believe that there is no “free” lunch in the world. Some examples “free” email services are violating your privacy and selling your data to third party.

Some of the privacy-oriented email providers I have come across. Do check them out and decide whether if you trust them with your data.


Posteo was founded in 2009 and is an independent email provider based in Germany. It offers anonymous and sustainable email accounts, address books and calendars. It is completely ad-free and self-financed.


RunBox is an email provider located in Norway and is subject to Norwegian jurisdiction and privacy regulations. It stores all your email and account data in Norway on servers owned by Runbox in secure facilities.

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